Down On The Farm

If you are looking to entertain your kids anywhere for a full day Valley View Little Animal Farm is the place for you. My sister and I thought it would be fun to make a morning out of it. Truthfully a morning was not enough time to get to do everything and the playground alone could have kept us there forever on a regular day.

We were still freshly moved when we decided to make this trip. To be honest, maybe I was a little ambitious when we first got here of all the things I wanted to accomplish and experience. There were a lot of tears and not a lot of listening. This day at the farm felt like breaking up with a boyfriend. I swear it's me not you. Because the Farm is amazing. You can feed and pet the goats, take a little walk to check out the variety of other animals, go for a train ride, and visit the museum and massive playground. With numerous activities for all ages, it is a hit. Its just my kids had experienced a lot of change and were still adjusting to all the new faces, living arrangements, and routine. That is the story I am sticking with anyways!

They have everything, if you forget to bring a lunch they have a little cafe with food and beverages. They also have a little shop filled with toys and goodies. Every long weekend they have special events going on, according to their website Labor Day weekend they have the corn maze open and kids entertainer.

They truly have a kids heart in mind as well as the parents with plenty of benches, tables and bathrooms perfectly located around the whole farm. They also have some wagons for those of us parents that forget the stroller from time to time. This was a complete hit with us growing up. We will definitely be making a return visit back now that the kids are more adjusted and frankly happier. No longer "scared" of slides and pigs looking at them the wrong way.