Berry Fun

As the summer is coming to an end it feels as though I didn't get to do anything I wanted to this summer. The house ate up every weekend. But I am happy to announce we are finally moved into our house for about 3 weeks now. The sleeping arrangements are less then desirable but it is so nice to have our own space again. Hoping to do a little house tour on the blog one of these days. I did however manage a few outings with my sister and niece, one of which being, Beckwith Berries, at the beginning of the summer. One of my favorite seasonal things to do as a kid was pick fruit of any kind. The kids weren't quite old enough to understand the goal was to pick them not eat them but it was definitely their idea of a good day.

They have sheep there at the farm. The kids adore all animal sightings, so it was easy enough to get them out of the strawberry patch when we were finished picking. Just by shouting, "Look there is the sheep, let's go see them!" Olive was so proud every time she found "a red one". I definitely didn't wear the right outfit. It was hot so I wish I wore shorts and with the straw laid down for paths I wish I had wore sneakers instead of flip flops but noted for next year.

I didn't get to make jam this year unfortunately. I made my first batch last year with raspberries and I was surprised how well it turned out. Maybe next year. It is great for little homemade gifts when you have the time to do it. I can't wait to make this a yearly tradition with the girls, we had a blast. Took lots of photos! Cant wait to share more with you guys from our summer.