Oh a camping we will go! (Day One)

It all started with me sharing stories of my family and I going camping together growing up. I would go on and on and on about all the fun times we had. How the food tasted better, how you slept better because of all the fresh air and how you were guaranteed a good time! Rob has never been camping. He said he would go up to friends trailers during the summer for the afternoon but had never truly experienced it himself. His parents one day came across an amazing deal on a 1975 Dutch Swinger and well of course HAD to get it. They encouraged us to take off with it whenever we would like.  

So it had been a loooong week. By long I mean thirty plus degree weather. When you live in a house with little window air conditioners that can't be left on too long you're experiencing that heat whether you are inside or outside. Rob had the Friday off so I thought why not! He went to pick up the trailer and after some long convincing to his parents that we did not need them to follow us to the campsite to make sure we got there in one piece, they settled with a text to ensure our safe arrival. I packed everything I could think of and we hit the road Friday morning. This was our first mistake. The campground was approximately two and a half-ish hours away. What we should have done is gone right after Maeve's feeding. Maybe we were a little excited for this spontaneous adventure. So our first stop, the little town of Reston, MB at this little cafe at the end of main street. We chatted with the owners for a bit while heating up Maeve's bottle. They shared their amazing times camping with their kids and all the spots they like to go to on their spare time. While Rob was feeding Maeve, I took Olive to the park across the street. Then we were off once again... when we smell it; Maeve pooped. Of course she did. Why not add another stop? Quick pull over, quick change and we are off. Next we decide to stop in Boissevain, MB to hit up the gas station and the grocery store. By this time it is lunch, so we feed the kids, get the groceries, gas up and we are FINALLY going to make it to the campground! As you could guess we have doubled our time in getting there. Note to self: go at night.

The campground is gorgeous! We chose a power lot not too far from anything (bathrooms, beach, park). So much privacy! The way they have the lots set up, there is no one directly in front of you and on each side there was a decent amount of brush. I did not see our neighbours on either side unless we were walking by. Rob did an amazing job backing up the trailer, everything was going so smooth. Rob and I pull down the awning which had its quirks and was not quite level but it will do. Rob took off with the girls to check out where everything was so I could make up everyones beds in the back and pick up whatever had shifted from the drive. By the time they got back we were looking at supper. Pork chops it is! Quickly do them up on our little portable barbaque... easier said then done. As Rob is preparing the barbaque I notice every single mosquito and bug is attracted to whatever is on this awning. We are getting eaten alive here! I had those OFF spiral mosquito killer coil things burning, had us all drenched in the OFF family bug repellent and nothing helped. So bye bye awning! I guess in all the hype over getting bitten every second and the awning go back up, Rob was not paying attention. He noticed the barbaque went out and instead of lowering the gage and then lighting it, he simply just walked over and clicked the lighter... BOOM! Yes, Rob had singed his hand, arm and face! After a quick look of concern and to see if he was okay, I nearly peed my pants! 

Is it the kids bedtime already!? Well our kids bedtime routine has always included a bath which you don't have the luxury of when camping. Next best thing, we were off to the showers with a little tub for Maeve and praying Olive will be cool with a shower. Everyone knows there is no such thing as a perfect camp shower. They are either too hot, too cold, barely let out a dribble of water or comes out so fast it takes off a layer of skin. The luck of the draw, at least according to Olive, we got the too hot shower. It only came out at one temperature no matter what way you put the dial. She shrieks like I am lighting her skin on fire, Rob then starts yelling at me to stop burning her because, oh yes Rob thats exactly what I am trying to do to her! Meanwhile Maeve keeps touching the dirty floor trying to crawl away from Rob. Not to mention I am dodging the moths falling from the ceiling which, ok yes might have been a little distracting. We finally made it back to the trailer, put them down and realize we did not start a fire and did not want to get eaten alive again. So we try to lay in our bed quietly while the other two go down. Rob rolls over and whispers, "I hope we have a better day tomorrow." Did I hype up camping too much? Do I break it to him, it isn't going to get any better then this? Do I tell him this is what makes memories is all the laughs from moments like these? Nah I hoped he will figure that one out on his own tomorrow. Night.