Welcome to our campsite (Day Two)

What time is it!? Couldn't even tell you what time it was that I woke up sore, and needing to use the bathroom. Maybe three, maybe four, early enough that I looked at the clock and thought I can hold it for a couple more hours. So I push it half an hour (of course don't even sleep during that time) till I decide was inevitable, I had to go. It occured to me we had yet to use the trailer's toilet and I was not going to be the first to try it out... and break it with my luck. So I looked around for Rob's phone because it was the only light I knew of and sure enough couldn't find it. So I woke Rob up and asked him where it was and his response, "just take yours." Why I decided to listen to him I'll never know, it was at seven percent and I knew if I unlock it, it will surely die. So, with the light of my screen, I headed off. I was not even two feet out of our campsite and I heard a loud break of branches! I had no vision in the dark .. None! I am walking blind. I quickly shine my screen at the bushes and it occured to me I couldn't even see the initial bush with that crap lighting and scared I yell, "I KNOW YOU'RE IN THERE!" Seriously what is wrong with me!? I instinctively unlocked my phone to get the flashlight on and it died! So I ran back! I wasn't about to play that game with a raccoon or who knows what else was out there. So I wake up Rob again and tell him he needs to find me his phone and I explained. He couldn't find it in the dark so he set out to his truck to get his flashlights. Good thinking! I just want to point out what an awesome husband I have because he then started walking with me to the washroom and he didn't even have to go. He claims he was up anyway but we all know he just did it because he loves me! Not one twig could break, not one. So looking a little foolish finally back to bed for what little time we had left to sleep.

It's morning! We were going to have a good day, I could feel it! The girls slept in a little, coffee was brewing and the sun was shining. We decided after breakfast we were going to take our coffees to go and take the girls to the park/beach. The fastest way to get to the park from our campsite was to head down this tight trail of tree root stumps and steep decline. Olive had a blast making some friends, picking up shells and poking the massive leeches (some the size of my hand). Now, I am no foreigner to leeches, but of this size... there was no way I was getting into the water! It was almost time to feed Maeve and it started to lightly rain (which helped luring Olive back to the campsite). Rob decided he was going to take Olive to the washroom so I set off to the trailer with Maeve in the stroller. I thought it was steep going down but it was a different story going back up. It was like I was scaling a mountain. At one point in this path it was at such a steep incline that i was on my knees pushing this stroller up the hill, petrified that if I lose momentum I am going to head back down. For those of you who don't know, sweat attracts mosquitoes! Just another little detail to help with that visual. Note to self: don't bother with the stroller.

Little bit blurry because I was far away but so cute!

Its morning and we are camping please do not judge the state of my hair and no make-up face.


The rain stopped and we thought; why not try our hand at a fire since Adam Lake Campground supplied free fire wood. Plus, we had noticed that everyone else was burning their fires all day. Rob and I had a bit of a disagreement on what made the best fire. Not to brag or anything but I know my stuff. Hallelujah! We finally found something to keep back the mosquitoes. Our little Maeve was such a little sleeper all day, which was awesome. We played cards. Olive coloured, read books, explored and her favourite past time was going to the bathroom (we are in the process of potty training). We also made some nature jewelry to keep busy while Rob made us some supper.

Maeve was a little over the day at this point and ready for bed!

After supper the kids were exhausted so unfortunately they did not get to roast marshmallows with us. Both of them were asleep pretty quick although we found Olive naked when we went inside... not sure why she decided to do that, but hey what happens on the campsite stays at the campsite. I showed Rob all the tricks of roasting I have learned over the years, aka the spider weenie. We talked about the all the different types of marshmallow roasters. Are you the type to sit there making sure it is perfectly golden brown on all sides? Or, are you the barely roast at all just warm it up? Or, are you the one who just torches the marshmallow and eats it and eats all the other marshmallows the other two types give up? I have no idea where I am going with this but you all know which type you are. After staying up late and wishing we had brought some liquor we decided to hit the hay. I go to lay down and slam my head on the camper's table ledge. Rob laughed till he teared up and I don't think there was even a look of concern. That pretty much sums up the day. I think Rob was starting to see how we choose our fun. I don't think I ever realized as a kid how much work my parents put into making camping so fun for us. I feel so blessed that I get the chance to have and share the same memories with my little family too.