Winter Blues

Aren't the winter blues supposed to happen later after a long winter? Well, I have been feeling extra blah lately and I have no idea why. Maybe it's the change in weather. Maybe its been the slow progress on our renovations. Maybe it's the additional half hour added to my day dedicated to putting on snow gear. Maybe it's the lack of sun and shorter days getting me down. I'm not totally sure, it could even be a factor of all of thee above. Do you ever feel like this, where you just can't shake the funk? I keep double taking at the calendar thinking my time of the month has to be coming any day now. Anyways, I have been switching some things up to try to encourage and motivate myself!

Self care tends to be something I let go when I am feeling less then fabulous. But I have been making a conscious effort to moisturize, paint my nails and shave my legs. Due to the colder weather these things can be let go, but there is something to be said about doing these little extras that can put a little more pip in your step. 

Lug out the recipe book. I have found switching up my diet with some different twists on the favorites or trying something completely new has really made a difference. The same tired meals over and over never does it for me. Pulling out the crockpot or throw in some Christmas baking here and there. Also, hot drink options are numerous. There are so many teas and hot drink mixes and I have been picking up one new one with groceries these last couple of weeks. It's simple but its been nice, not only for me, but for options when people come over.  I'm just having fun with it. 

Is winter cleaning a thing!? Sometimes the holidays can leave me feeling cluttered. So I have been purging on holiday d├ęcor that I'm not in love with and some of the girls toys that they have grown out of. Putting away all our fall outerwear and replacing it with all the winter gear. Finding the right storage solutions, labeling, organizing all give me a high. What's wrong with me!? I just feel so accomplished tackling these little things.

The last thing I've been doing is limiting my time on social media. Although I love my blog and I love having this outlet, sometimes the promoting feels super overwhelming to me. So, I've decided while I'm in this slump I'm just taking a little more time to myself. Less time on my phone and just hoping by December I will be past this weird phase I am going through. Is it just me or are you guys feeling it too? Let me know what things you do to get you through your blues. I am in no way doing all of these everyday, but one or two of these things a day has really kept me going on the everyday things I absolutely have to do. Photos are a flashback to hot park days in the summer.

Photo 2017-09-22, 2 02 55 PM.jpg