First Year Of Blogging

I started this blog August of 2016. We had just gone on our first camping trip ever and I wanted to share everything that had happened with everyone. Summers are busy and I couldn't get a hold of everyone to tell them all about it. As time goes on the details of your story get fuzzy and you start to forget some of the memories or key details that would have fully captured that moment. It was then that made me want to start a blog. Somewhere to put all the memories and have family and friends look at it like an online scrapbook. After my posts on the camping trip, which was 3 posts long, I decided to go back to school part time and that consumed all my free time. So of course the blog was put on the back burner. At the beginning of 2017, a year ago from today, I had decided I was really going to take a go at blogging; aim to write more and commit more time to my blog.

In order to truly commit to something you need some accountability and that is when I decided to make it public knowledge about my blog. This was absolutely terrifying for me. You don't have any control over who is reading your words anymore. Not knowing what is being said about you behind closed doors. Being someone who barely passed English every year in high school, I have been a little insecure when it comes to my writing. There are so many blogs out there and I have been so inspired joining this community of people. I haven't quite figured out if I have a niche yet. I am a storyteller and this blog is like my diary in some ways. Can I just say lifestyle? I'm not sure.

I am so glad I let everyone in. This space, that was meant to be a family scrapbook, has turned into this raw truth of all my dreams and drowning moments. I'm so happy I have been able to encourage some of you with my words or gave you a minute escape. Maybe a little laugh here and there at my expense. Whatever it is that you come to my blog for, just know I will always be honest with you. The things that I have found the hardest about being a blogger are my own insecurities and being consistent. Both are still a constant work in progress. I have to applaud all the bloggers out there that have been doing this for years without skipping a beat. This experience has been so rewarding but has also challenged me in ways I never saw coming. It has forced me to do things that I wouldn't normally do and take pictures when I normally wouldn't. Writing has also been therapeutic for me as well. There is something about writing something down that makes me feel like I'm letting go. I highly suggest giving blogging or writing a try if it has been something on your mind to do. In my experience the pros definitely out weigh the cons.

If you have been reading along and ever have questions that you are dying to know the answer to I am an open book, ask away! Comment, email, private message, whatever works best for you. I love when you share with me too!