Our Song

It's nearly dusk, we are both exhausted from a long day of packing, driving, pitstops and a motion sick child. We no longer can find a radio station without static and with wearing patience you throw on the iPod that hasn't been updated in years. You choose an old favourite. A knowing smile spreads across your face, as we burst into song. As I sit there with my hand held in yours, I try to think of what our song is. Waves of memories come back to me. All the music that has carried us through the different stages of our life together.

Would it be that last week of summer, when you asked me to be your girlfriend? Wasn't it the B.O.B presents: The Adventures of Bobby Ray album that you would put on repeat? Every time one of his songs would come on I would always think of you. How you would play "Lovelier Than You" and say the only person you could think of is me.

Or maybe it's when we were on our honeymoon, making our way to BC. After all the busyness of getting married, we dropped the ball on music for the drive. Having only one CD to keep us going for 13 hours, which didn't take too long to get old. I laugh and cry as you obnoxiously sing "I Did It Again" by Luke Bryan just trying to stay awake and alert on the twisting mountain roads through the night.

When we became new parents. Our little Olive had a favourite artist, Whitney Houston, and two parents that couldn't sing one note on key. "All At Once" was her personal favorite. Sang over and over again. We were both tired and exhausted but you still would sing with me almost to just let me know we were in this together.

As you start to sing "Alright" by Darius Rucker, I smile because this song with you right now is just us. As we get closer and closer to Lake Erie to vacation with family and friends, I can't help looking forward to what song will be ours next.

Sparks Of Generosity

Just to give you a little update, my ankle has finally been diagnosed as a ruptured ligament. So I will be wearing a very stylish air cast for four weeks and also need to book physio appointments as well. Within 24 hours of wearing the boot I have already felt a vast improvement in pain and swelling. Which is awesome!

Lately I've noticed just how blessed we are with the community of people we've met since moving here to Ontario. People offering helping hands, offering to watch our kids, give advice, and even offering to make meals since my injury. It sometimes can catch you off guard when you're not expecting it. An older couple who waits for the bus with their granddaughter at Olive's bus stop, really touched my heart last week. They made Maeve (and are in the process of making Olive) a crocheted hat. Which is now Maeve's absolute favorite! She puts it on at every opportunity she has outside or inside. She cried this past weekend when I made her wear her old one just so I could wash it. I was just so blessed by the thoughtfulness and undeserved generosity of that little hat.

Receiving that hat has made me want to show more generosity in my own life. Being generous towards someone doesn't mean giving beyond your means. Maybe it's making a double batch of supper or baking to give to a family that could really use it. Maybe make a thoughtful card, braclet, scarf, you name it! I don't think it has to be anything that big to have an impact. What are some other good acts of generosity?

Has anyone touched your life with a small gift or act? This has been my goal for the week to send out some sparks of my own. Never doubt the ability you have to influence or impact others. I don't think that couple even realizes how much they have impacted me.

Attached are pictures from collecting sap over the weekend with friends and Maeve in her beloved hat :)

Content With The Now

I love me some goal planning. Planning my future and mapping out all the could be's. Lists on lists. I know this about myself. This part of me has been the driving force that has resulted in some big positive decisions in my life, marriage and even parenting. But I also know sometimes I can get carried away, idea after idea. Before I have even completed one thing, I'm already dreaming and plotting the next and the cycle goes on and on. I sometimes don't give things enough time to settle before I'm jumping on another band wagon.

I crave the ability to be content. To live in the now. To embrace the everyday moment of today. I'll be honest, this does not come naturally to me. Am I the only one who struggles with this? This week it has come to my attention that I might need to learn how. To take conscious bits of time out of my day until it does become natural. Because life is zooming by. When my attention is constantly on the future, I miss out on the joys of today.

This week I suddenly became more aware. Turns out Maeve only knows one line out of the 12 Days of Christmas and she really gives it all she's got. "FIVE GOLDEN RINGS!" Olive has been showing me all the ballet moves she has been practicing so that we will put her in lessons. Her determination is pretty cute, so I'll definitely will be looking into that this week. The moment I watched Maeve fall so hard and Olive ran to her side to comfort her. Watching Maeve play with the bathroom door every time Olive has to go and hear them bicker back and forth over it is hilarious. I took a night off the usual bath or TV routine and just talked with Rob. Realizing we both had so much to say. Seeing his face go from exhaustion to happiness as he walks in from a long day of work to see us.

This week I am learning that as much as I can be a dreamer and a planner it is also possible to be present and content with the now. I think of these little moments this past week and feel so much joy for where I am at right now. Although there is always room to grow and improve, this place feels so perfectly un-perfect.