Science & Tech Museum

Right before Christmas one weekend, we decided to get out of the house and go do something. Why we did this I will never know. We were exhausted and had a million things to do by Christmas. Probably to get out of doing these million things would be my guess. I remember being completely shocked when Rob announced that we were going out. So on a whim we decided to check out the Canada Science and Technology museum in Ottawa.

I remember as a kid through school we slept over at the museum one time. Lined up beside the massive trains with our sleeping bags. The museum has changed so much since then. They have renovated from top to bottom. I hardly recognized it. They still have some of the favorite classic exhibits like the trains and crazy kitchen. The girls favorite was, by far, the Zooom room. There was so many interactive stations in that one which is why I think they loved it the most. Rob probably could have spent an hour in Artifact Alley if we let him. Checking out all the old electrical stuff. His one true love! We definitely could have spent way more time at each exhibit.

Olive is at this really fun age right now (Four). She is so curious and willing to interact with each activity and station. It was neat to see her explore and try to figure out each station. Maeve however (Two) liked to play this game where she ran as fast and as far and as frequent as possible. Kept bolting what felt like every five minutes. On the plus side she loves to copy her older sister. So anything Olive was doing that Maeve thought looked like fun, it was a wrestling match over who was doing it. Next time we go, we will probably aim for a morning visit. That way Maeve will be at her best time of day. The later in the day we go the bigger the gamble on how it will all play out. But I have to say she was such a trooper only having a small half hour nap which is not the norm.

I can't wait to have more experiences like these. It is so nice to have Ottawa right there in our back pocket. If you ever get the chance to try it, this is a fun museum that has a little something for everyone. We are looking for more spots to explore in Ottawa and surrounding area. Any suggestions? I would love to hear your favorites.

Weekend To Niagara

A couple weekends ago, we decided to take a quick trip to see my sister Victoria. It was her birthday weekend and we took that as the perfect excuse to drive down for a visit. Rob had never been to Niagara Falls (or at least not when he was old enough to remember) so we decided to make a day trip out of it. Poor Tory had probably seen the Falls a thousand times living so close and everyone that visits her wants to go see them. But, she was such a good sport and an amazing tour guide! We drove down the night before to avoid stopping as much as possible. So we had all day Saturday to hang out and explore. 

The Falls are breathtaking. Just the vast amount of water coming down and the scale of the falls is amazing. We would have loved to do one of the tours but we slept in and lunch was fast approaching. Pretty much take everything you want to do with kids and divide it in half and then divide it in half again. There you go, thats all you actually get to do. 

The amount of tourist attractions on Clifton Hill was crazy. We are definitely going to have to go back when the kids are older and get to see more. We decided on the Rainforest Cafe for lunch. The kids died, they loved it so much! We sat beside the gorillas and Maeve would join their "oooaaaa's" every time they went off. Olive would cheer for the thunder storm, it was super fun with tons and tons of food.

By the time we finished there it was nap time and we were conflicted on what to do. The stroller only holds one and Olive was looking drowsy. So we decided to hit up the old carousal in Port Dalhousie and give the girls the drive there to sleep. We ended up taking a detour and drove through Niagara-on-the-Lake which was gorgeous! Everything was perfect, from all the vineyards to the beautiful homes. The water, I kid not, was picturesque, still as ever with a couple little sail boats. I am kicking myself for not getting a picture. Everything there looked amazing, even their graveyard looked luxurious. How is that even possible!?

When we finally made it to the carousal, it was closed due to high water levels. It was all sandbagged off which was too bad because it looked like the kids would have had a blast. They have not changed the fare of 5 cents since 1950. I wish we could have seen it. The day literally flew by. Next time we will have to go for longer. If you have ever been to the Falls what was your favourite thing to do? That way I know what to plan for next time.

Happy Birthday Tory!!! We all love you so much! Hope you had an amazing birthday! Love Rob, Joce, Olive and Maeve. xoxo