Happy Birthday Maeve!

To my Maevie Baby,

How long can I keep calling you that because you are not a baby anymore. You just turned two! These last two years have flown by. I love you so much Maeve. You have given me some of my biggest struggles as a parent but I wouldn't change a thing. For all the struggle have come the laughs and the snuggles. You light up everyone's life that's around you. Screaming HI! at all the strangers we pass on the street. 

You are so expressive and curious. Nothing holds you back and your persistence one day will be inspiring. You are always hungry and never turn down food. You love your independence . You insist to attempt to do everything on your own first and that sometimes is tough when it is usually done in effort to copy your older sister Olive. You have baby fever from the baby dolls at home that never leave your side or the ones that you lunge at, at the stores and the park. You are going to be such a good Mom one day I can already see it now.

You have these one worded sentences for everything that you will put on repeat to get your point across. You get pretty creative with this. Your knowing nods and glances kill me.

There are so many times I have cried questioning if I am the right Mom for you (not that you have a choice) but I do my best and love you to pieces always. You have challenged me to be the best Mom I can be. You aren't going to let motherhood come at me with ease. You keep us all on our toes and I wouldn't have it any other way. You may be a Daddy's girl but you will always need your Mom and I am here with open arms when you need me.

Forever and always, your Mom

XO x Infinity

Happy Birthday Robert!

To the love of my life,

Happy Birthday Honey!!! I am so excited to celebrate with you! This will be the 8th birthday I have had the privilege of spending with you. I hope it is just, if not more, special as the last. I feel like the luckiest girl in the world to be your wife. I have watched you grow and mature into the man you are today. I couldn't be more proud to have you be the one by my side . 

It feels like these last 7 years have been a roller coaster. Equal amounts of ups and downs for us. But we have accomplished so much and you have achieved everything you have strived for. You are an amazing worker, student, husband and father. You wake up every morning (this morning was no different) and strive to be the absolute best version of yourself. I admire you and you have taught me so much. You have changed me for the better.

You support and encourage everyone in your life, especially me. I don't know many, if anyone, that has a bad thing to say about you. You are funny, handsome, determined, patient, loving, kind, understanding, and easy to please. What more could a girl ask for?

I can't imagine this life without you in it Rob. You are my best friend and I love you more then you will ever know! So my life will be forever changed thanks to this day. Can't wait to celebrate with you tonight!

Forever & always your wife,

Joce xoxo

Happy Birthday Mom!

I've had the most unfortunate luck of catching a terrible cold this first week, as Rob is gone off to school 2 hours away. This, and it being my mother's birthday this past Saturday, has brought back the most memorable times of being sick at home as a kid. The best one that comes to mind would have to be when I was in high school. I came to my mom looking for some medicine for the cold I just got. She rooted through our medicine bin to find only one bottle of cold medicine, which I then noticed was expired. Most would throw it away, but not us. According to my mom, it was just a date and if anything, the medicine got weaker. So with that theory; just triple the dose! 

(My Dad and Mom holding Olive when she was only a week old.)

I remember clinging the the bathroom door frame while trying to describe my symptoms to my mom. Feeling funny, feeling heavy and pretty sure the room was spinning. Laughing it off, saying I like to be dramatic, my mom sent me to bed saying I would feel fine come morning. That was the last thing I remembered when waking up on my bedroom floor the next morning. Still wearing the same thing from the day before and peeling off a piece of paper stuck to my face that was on the floor, I stumbled downstairs. I could not believe no one heard the thud of my body hitting the floor! I couldn't believe no one checked to see if sick ole me made it to bed in one piece! Everyone had a good laugh at my expense though that morning. 

(My Mom and I after Maeve was born.)

Although my mom would hate me for sharing this story, I think it speaks a lot to the type of person she is and not in a bad way. Yes, the expired cold medicine was a bad call for sure. But she is always so optimistic. She is always the one to make light of almost any situation. Laugh at all the most inappropriate times. She is all of our go-to person to this day. 

(Golden Oldie of my parents and I.)

Mom, you are the one that holds this family together. We rely on you for everything from your time to your advice. You never ask for anything in return and you are always there when we need you. You are an amazing grandparent to my girls and Lyncoln. You are my best friend and I rely on you for so much. I admire the beautiful, funny, smart person you are. I hope Dad spoiled you on Saturday because if anyone deserves it, it's you. I know I never said it, but thank you for taking care of me and being there for me even if you didn't check up on me that one time. You have taught me to laugh at myself and I hope one day I can be as just as good of a mother to my kids as you are to yours. Happy Birthday Mom! Love you so much! xo