Sparks Of Generosity

Just to give you a little update, my ankle has finally been diagnosed as a ruptured ligament. So I will be wearing a very stylish air cast for four weeks and also need to book physio appointments as well. Within 24 hours of wearing the boot I have already felt a vast improvement in pain and swelling. Which is awesome!

Lately I've noticed just how blessed we are with the community of people we've met since moving here to Ontario. People offering helping hands, offering to watch our kids, give advice, and even offering to make meals since my injury. It sometimes can catch you off guard when you're not expecting it. An older couple who waits for the bus with their granddaughter at Olive's bus stop, really touched my heart last week. They made Maeve (and are in the process of making Olive) a crocheted hat. Which is now Maeve's absolute favorite! She puts it on at every opportunity she has outside or inside. She cried this past weekend when I made her wear her old one just so I could wash it. I was just so blessed by the thoughtfulness and undeserved generosity of that little hat.

Receiving that hat has made me want to show more generosity in my own life. Being generous towards someone doesn't mean giving beyond your means. Maybe it's making a double batch of supper or baking to give to a family that could really use it. Maybe make a thoughtful card, braclet, scarf, you name it! I don't think it has to be anything that big to have an impact. What are some other good acts of generosity?

Has anyone touched your life with a small gift or act? This has been my goal for the week to send out some sparks of my own. Never doubt the ability you have to influence or impact others. I don't think that couple even realizes how much they have impacted me.

Attached are pictures from collecting sap over the weekend with friends and Maeve in her beloved hat :)