Our Song

It's nearly dusk, we are both exhausted from a long day of packing, driving, pitstops and a motion sick child. We no longer can find a radio station without static and with wearing patience you throw on the iPod that hasn't been updated in years. You choose an old favourite. A knowing smile spreads across your face, as we burst into song. As I sit there with my hand held in yours, I try to think of what our song is. Waves of memories come back to me. All the music that has carried us through the different stages of our life together.

Would it be that last week of summer, when you asked me to be your girlfriend? Wasn't it the B.O.B presents: The Adventures of Bobby Ray album that you would put on repeat? Every time one of his songs would come on I would always think of you. How you would play "Lovelier Than You" and say the only person you could think of is me.

Or maybe it's when we were on our honeymoon, making our way to BC. After all the busyness of getting married, we dropped the ball on music for the drive. Having only one CD to keep us going for 13 hours, which didn't take too long to get old. I laugh and cry as you obnoxiously sing "I Did It Again" by Luke Bryan just trying to stay awake and alert on the twisting mountain roads through the night.

When we became new parents. Our little Olive had a favourite artist, Whitney Houston, and two parents that couldn't sing one note on key. "All At Once" was her personal favorite. Sang over and over again. We were both tired and exhausted but you still would sing with me almost to just let me know we were in this together.

As you start to sing "Alright" by Darius Rucker, I smile because this song with you right now is just us. As we get closer and closer to Lake Erie to vacation with family and friends, I can't help looking forward to what song will be ours next.