It's Just A Sprain

If nothing ever happened to my ankle, would I truly be thankful for my ankles? It really puts things into perspective for us doesn't it, when we have something happen to our overall health. You start to wonder how people live every day without a leg or a foot or an arm, and how tricky that would make someone's day to day. I feel blessed looking at my swollen, black and blue ankle, thinking, it could always be worse. I'm blessed that it will heal, and that I have amazing support through family and friends that have helped me or encouraged me through this so far. It's easy to lose sight of all that I have going for me and focus on everything I don't ,and trust me, I have been there too. 

How did I get to this place of thankfulness for my ankles you ask? It was just a regular Thursday morning, regular 5AM wake up call. Nothing out of the ordinary running through my mind. As I head out the door I notice a patch of ice on the sidewalk and I walked around it. Well as it turned out that was not the patch to be weary of because in the blink of an eye I have hit the pavement right there. Upon further inspection, now on the ground, I could see the much thinner clearer ice I had slipped on. I went to stand up, feeling sore but truly did not think it was that bad of a fall. It was then when a massive pain shot up my whole leg. So there I was trying to act as casual as possible sitting on a sidewalk, in the middle of winter, to not attract attention from the on coming traffic passing me on the street and I remember my cell phone so I quickly dialed Rob to come get me.

Ring, ring, ring.. Wow he is taking his sweet time!... ring, ring, ring.. Seriously!?.. ring, ring.. machine. Ok, wow, he didn't pick up! Meanwhile my butt is ensuring no one else would fall on this piece of ice because it has melted. I called him again. Ring, ring, ring... alright panic was setting in ... ring, ring, ring.. OH MY WORD a car is pulling over!.. ring, ring.. Pick up Rob!.. "Hello?".. (Finally).. "I fell!".. "Where?".. "Outside!".. "Where outside?".. .. "right outside the door just please come!".. "Ok bye."

Well as it turned out I knew the man who got out of the car to help me. He goes to our church. "I thought I saw someone on the sidewalk, just thought I would check if you are ok." As I gave him the run down of what happened Rob came outside and they both helped me hop inside to the couch. So yes, 'humiliating' is a good word to sum it all up. 

My mom watched the kids for the next couple of days which really took the major stress off me. I am so thankful for her! Rob was amazing too, being a single parent when getting home from work and taking me to the hospital. It turned out I didn't have any broken bones and it's just a sprain. Sorry to my friend Jessica, who happened to be the x-ray tech, for my unshaved legs. Don't worry I have fixed that since! I still have to see my regular doctor as it's been a week and I am unsure of the protocol from this point forward. It's still really swollen and I still have shooting pain in certain positions so I will have to see what the doctor says. But all and all I am doing a lot better since last week. I had the most embarrassing crutches that were my Dads (in photos attached). They were too tall and I had to stick them out so far on either side. I can't believe I didn't just go out and buy a new pair that fit properly. Probably damaged my arms or shoulders in the process but what can you do. Live and learn. So watch out friends, it's slippery out there!