Creative Juices

A friend once asked me "How do you stay creative?" Something that I have noticed since I have been trying to be more consistent with my creative outlet, aka my blog, is that it is.. IMPOSSIBLE! Some weeks I could write five blog posts with ease and know exactly what photos to use and take. Other weeks it is kind of dull and I completely draw a blank on all fronts. Is it just me? If you are one of those people that forever reek of creativity I envy you. So yes on the weeks where I have got a million ideas, I push out as much content as possible. But what if that dull week goes way longer then your pre-done content can last? What happens when you are feeling uninspired but need to be? Well I've got four ways that help me keep those creative juices flowing. You just have to figure out what works for you.

1. Outer Sources Of Inspiration

We are so lucky to have apps like Pinterest and Instagram. These are an amazing source of inspiration. Looking through other people's creativity can sometimes inspire our own. Trigger an original idea or maybe a spin off of someone else's. Sometimes it can remind me of ideas I had forgotten. We can get so consumed with our way of thinking that we can put ourselves in a box. And eventually that box of ideas runs out. It can be refreshing to look to others and be inspired through them. I follow and support other bloggers who constantly breathe new life into me and my blog. 

2. Try Other Creative Mediums

I love to try different things. Whether it be music, dance, coloring, scrapbooking, makeup, cooking, just to name a few. None of these things necessarily correlate with my blog but I find I get inspired doing something creative that does not involve my go-to's of writing and photos. My latest project has been scrapbooking. I started a family scrapbook to give the kids something to the look at that is not on a screen. Have something to embarrass them with in the future. Brings up all the old feelings and memories. It has pushed me in a different way then the blog has. Which I really have enjoyed.

3. Learn Something New

Take a course. Or if that is out of your budget there are tons of free tutorials on YouTube. There is so much out there to improve your current skills. No matter what your outlet is there is always room to improve or new techniques to try. Maybe even bring you back to the basics and build off of those again in a new different way then before.

4. Walk Away

I know what you are thinking crappy advice but sometimes you just can't force a masterpiece. I am not saying walk away from it forever. Take a break. Go get a coffee or tea. Do something fun, hangout with friends. Take a walk. Shop in Michael's that whole store can inspire my most dullest of weeks. Shake up the routine! Get that shot of vanilla in your expresso or try the tea of the month. Take a different route for that walk. It doesn't have to be anything that big or drastic. Never know 'till you try right!?

I think what's most important is to not get down on ourselves. Creativity comes and goes for most of us. But don't give up, try something new! It may not come to all of us naturally but we can still have fun with our efforts. I'd love to know what works for you! What are ways you maintain and practice creativity?