Decisions Decisions

We are all faced with decisions everyday. Most aren't earth shattering but some feel that way. Especially when you're faced with the line of people those decisions effect. Making this move back to Ontario has felt that way for me. I am in this constant back and forth of grieving my old life in Saskatchewan to the excitement of my future here. I think and hope that's normal. There has been quite a few people asking me how and why we came to this decision, so I hope to lay it all out for you guys today. I wish it could be as simple as one big reason like a job opportunity or a family member in need, because that would be much more simple to explain. Most of these things we thought would improve our quality of life. We also knew that were potentially going to have to make some sacrifices as well. So here it goes...


We love options! From where to go for date nights, to weekend day trips with the girls. All the extracurricular activities as the kids get older. Schools, grocery stores, fitness, churches, classes, community opportunity. Being in a bigger centre gives you more selection of all these things and more if you decide to do a one to two hour drive. Now we have the option to do a one hour road trip if we wish, instead of having to do that trip once a week. We love being exposed to different cultures and experiences. Being so close to Ottawa really has opened up a lot of doors for us.


Something both Rob and I enjoy is being walking distance to as many things as possible. I love hitting up parks, library and farmers markets all within walking distance. Maybe it's because both Rob and I grew up on hobby farms and envied all the townies. We recently purchased an income property in town which we are super excited about! It has helped us save by only needing one vehicle for the family and having a tenant to offset the mortgage. We will see how we are at being landlords. We are excited for this new learning curve. 


I may be a little biased but I think my childhood was pretty awesome. I am always looking for my girls and Rob to get to do all the things I got to do and experience growing up. It brings me such joy going through it all again with them. I am excited for them to skate on the canal only to get a beaver tail and pick apples at the apple orchard with a wagon ride and for us to see all the museums and festivals. There is so much going on all the time. The city never sleeps.


Rob's major hobby has not been touched, other then the one boys summer weekend trip, in the last two years. He loves it and I would hate to watch him give up something he has a passion for. He has always had a ease with reaching out to people in the skateboard community. He used to work at Regina's indoor skatepark part-time before it was torn down. I would love for him to find that love and passion for it again even if it's seasonal. It helps that it's a great workout too!


One thing we realized when deciding where we wanted to move is how much we loved being close to Rob's parents. It was nice for the girls to see them regularly and have somewhere close to go for holidays without a ton of travel. We both grew up with grandparents living close to us and that was something we really wanted to have for our kids. It sucks we couldn't have both of our parents close but we definitely knew we love and want that family support in our lives. 

So there you have it! We love a bigger centre and everything that comes with it. We feel like this move has given us more room to grow and figure things out. I think if we hadn't done it, it would still be at the back of our minds, what if? Some may think these reasons aren't of high weight and maybe they are right, maybe they aren't. But we are rolling the dice and we will see where that leads us. Thank you everyone for all the love and support we have received. We are excited to be back in Ontario! Pictures are from the week my in-laws came down to visit us and my sister made a surprise visit that week as well with flowers for the girls.