Perth Festival Of The Maples

I will admit it I have been a little anti-social since I have moved back. Moving is so overwhelming! Doesn't help that I don't have my own things, still working on a routine, the list goes on. I know what you are thinking. Jocelyn you are living with your parents! But it is a different dynamic now. Trying to work around everyones schedule, coming in and out of the house. Figuring out what chores you should be doing to help out. Not being in your own space is just difficult, if you ask me. So, when I had seen that the Maple Festival was going on last weekend I thought it would be a perfect opportunity to get out of the house just the four of us and have a little family time. I mean that's why we moved here right, to get out and try different things and embrace all Ontario has to offer aka maple syrup! Ok I have been before but Rob hadn't. 

I have only been once before last weekend with my elementary school bestie Amy. Who I just so happened to bump into and met her husband and freaking adorable little baby! The festival has grown since I had been, extending another two blocks. The weather was perfect! Not too hot and not too cold. It was busy, tons and tons of stands. The smells of food, the music in the background and all the people walking around, just an all around perfect festival environment. I had forgotten how adorable Main Street Perth is. Just with its cute little shops, all the stone buildings and the little river running through it. 

They had tons of activities for kids. Miniture pony rides, a little petting zoo, bouncy castles and rock climbing. Olive enjoyed feeding the sheep but was too chicken to try any of the other activities. We said hi to the firefighters and both Olive and Maeve got little firemen helmets which was the absolute highlight to their day. 

You can not go to the Maple Festival without having some maple taffy, it's just an absolute must! So good! Overall it was an awesome day. So nice bumping into old friends, getting some fresh air, and joining in the festivities. The Perth community did such a good job with the festival this year and we will definitely be attending for years to come.