We Are Moving!!!

So, if you have been wondering why I have been MIA these last few weeks on social media, the blog, and pretty much every form of communication, is because we are moving! This is a move I have been wanting to do for a very long time. There has always been an obstacle or opportunity that has prevented us from committing to it before. I know some are confused by why we are doing this move in the first place. I hate when this comes up because I don't expect everyone to understand our choices and in no way do I frown upon what is working for someone else. We have just come to realize that small town, rural Saskatchewan is not a great fit for us and our growing family. So, if you are not in the know, we are moving back to my hometown in eastern Ontario! Rob and I are over the moon excited for what lies ahead for us!

As of right now Rob's last day of work here in Saskatchewan is March 31st and at this point that is pretty much the only thing set in stone. Leave it up to us to leave everything to the last minute. Our house was listed just this last week. We have moved in with Rob's parents for the last two weeks to finish packing our day to day stuff. It is crazy to think we only made this decision at the beginning of the month and now here we are, up to our ears in boxes. These last few weeks have been high stress just trying to figure out how we are going to make this happen. Finding the right realtor, selling odds & ends, donations, finishing home projects and packing have taken up pretty much all our time. You know you have sold a lot of stuff online when Rob is recognized at all his job sights as the guy selling stuff on Facebook, haha! It is amazing what we have managed to accumulate in these past two years. Doesn't help that we added another kid (our Maevie) to the mix. So, if you don't hear from me in awhile it is most likely because the computer is packed and we are headed East!

I just wanted to say a BIG thank-you to Rob's parents for helping with all of the projects, watching our kids and letting us stay with them for a little bit. We couldn't have made this all happen, this quickly, without you guys. To our countless friends who have been there to support us in numerous ways you know who you are. And lastly thank-you to my parents for letting us stay with them till we getting our living arrangements all settled. Thank-you!!! We love you all so dearly!

When I have a chance I would love to share all the things I am going to miss here in Saskatchewan and also the reasons why we chose to do this move to Ontario (Let me know what you think about these for blog topics). Everyone's thoughts and prayers that this move goes smoothly for us are so much appreciated! I will do my best to keep everyone in the loop! xo