Battling The Distance

I've been reflecting a lot this past week, on this last month and a bit, since Rob had started school. Especially our struggles and what we have had to change and adapt to. In my case I can see the end, but my heart goes out to all those couples whose spouse is gone quite frequently or for huge lengths of time on a regular basis. They say distance makes the heart grow fonder but after a week or two it just gets hard. The struggle of communicating with only one hour phone conversations and a couple of texts (if you're lucky). The struggle for the ones coming home to realize so much has changed. Where is my place now? What should I be doing? Also, the one that surprised me the most was watching the walls my girls put up with Rob because they know him being home is temporary. I honestly can't blame them because I catch myself doing the same thing. Not wanting to get too comfortable because before we know it the weekend is over and it's time for him to go. I avoid certain conversations. Forget to inform him on what's going on. There were days we hardly talked. I catch myself feeling angry when he comes home. He has all intentions of helping but only adds more to my plate or gets in the way of our new routine and throws us all off. 

In moments like these I look back to all the times Rob and I have done long distance which is a big bulk of our relationship. We always made the most of our time together. With two kids and only two days in a weekend this is now harder then ever to find that time. So, we planned a date night and arranged for the kids to have a sleepover at their grandparent's house on Saturday night. We went to the Olive Branch Bistro in Carnduff and then hit up a movie in the small local theatre in Arcola. If you live in the area and haven't tried the MacMurray Theatre since it has reopened I highly recommend giving it a try! The movies playing have been in theaters for quite a while but the cheap tickets and snacks make it great place for an affordable night out. I was pleasantly surprised! Also, when in doubt have a date night! This is something both Rob and I both agreed we need to make a regular thing. I say this because the difference between our relationship this week to last week is drastically different. We needed a minute to not be stressed or occupied with the kids, house and the preparation for the week ahead. A minute to just remember what got us here. A minute to remember why I love, adore and admire this man that I married. A minute to remember that I wasn't the only one struggling to make this work and there needs to be a little slack given. If you are one of those people struggling to be a temporary single parent, all while trying to maintain your relationship, I feel your pain. I'm relieved and happy we will be saying good-bye to this routine in 3 more weeks! What are things you do when battling the distance in your relationship? I could use any help I can get ;)