Forever Changing Traditions

This time of year can be tough. Sometimes we can't do everything that we want to do or see everyone we hope to see. I have been looking forward to this holiday since we moved back to Ontario. This will be the first Christmas in 6 years that I will be able to celebrate with my family. It feels so bitter sweet because this is the first Christmas we won't be able to celebrate with Rob's parents and brother, and that will be hard. We miss them so much! It feels weird to watch our traditions change due to this big move we have made.

I remember the first year I broke the family tradition of spending Christmas Eve at my Moma and Papa's house. I did this every year since I was born. I was engaged to Rob at the time and we decided we would spend Christmas Eve with his Dad's side of the family which Rob had not had the opportunity to do in years and I didn't want to be the person to take that away from him. I remember feeling crushed with these plans. What does Christmas Eve even look like not spent in Russell, ON? Reading the story of Jesus being born, waving to Santa on the fire truck. This evening spent at their house was something I could count on being the same year after year. It felt wrong to not be there. But I was so blessed by Rob's family. It oddly felt like home. Easy conversation, laughter and the food! I realized that year things were going to change. Rob and I coming together meant things were going to look a little different then when it was just me.

Now with two kids, new location I have realized every year might look different to us. So I have simplified some of our traditions or make sure they are not location specific so that we still have our special things to look forward to this holiday season. This time of year can be so much fun. I know I can lose sight of what Christmas is truly about especially when I start to worry about traditions not being met or people that I miss and love that I cannot see. Do you come across this at this time of year? I am trying to take an easy going approach this year. Embracing what I can and letting go of what I cannot. Photos are from cutting down the Christmas tree last weekend. Our tree is still sitting in the back room not decorated or set up. See look how laid back I can be ;)