Happy Birthday Maeve!

To my Maevie Baby,

How long can I keep calling you that because you are not a baby anymore. You just turned two! These last two years have flown by. I love you so much Maeve. You have given me some of my biggest struggles as a parent but I wouldn't change a thing. For all the struggle have come the laughs and the snuggles. You light up everyone's life that's around you. Screaming HI! at all the strangers we pass on the street. 

You are so expressive and curious. Nothing holds you back and your persistence one day will be inspiring. You are always hungry and never turn down food. You love your independence . You insist to attempt to do everything on your own first and that sometimes is tough when it is usually done in effort to copy your older sister Olive. You have baby fever from the baby dolls at home that never leave your side or the ones that you lunge at, at the stores and the park. You are going to be such a good Mom one day I can already see it now.

You have these one worded sentences for everything that you will put on repeat to get your point across. You get pretty creative with this. Your knowing nods and glances kill me.

There are so many times I have cried questioning if I am the right Mom for you (not that you have a choice) but I do my best and love you to pieces always. You have challenged me to be the best Mom I can be. You aren't going to let motherhood come at me with ease. You keep us all on our toes and I wouldn't have it any other way. You may be a Daddy's girl but you will always need your Mom and I am here with open arms when you need me.

Forever and always, your Mom

XO x Infinity