Throwback To Summer Swims

Summer may be long over, but it has definitely not been forgotten. I have been going through my photos and realized I need to learn to organize them a little better. I'm finding tons from the summer that I never got around to posting. Maybe these Throwback Thursdays will be a thing till I can catch up. What do you think?

I am not used to taking this many photos. Since having the blog I have gradually gotten better at taking more photos. I've also got better at asking people to take photos for me or staying on people to send the ones I saw them take. Finding these summer photos is just bringing back all the memories of the kids learning how to swim this summer. They went from being scared of going into the water to swimming by themselves with floaties on. I was so impressed how quickly they picked it up.

Although I do love fall, especially warm fall days like today, I do miss summer activities like the pool days. Also anyone have any tips on how they organize all their photos? This has become a new problem for me. Anyone? Anyone at all?