Nursing A Back Injury

The long weekend has just past and Rob had taken off for a couple days to go for a boys night of skateboarding and camping. He always jumps at any opportunity to hangout with a couple of his old friends from Regina. Lucky for me he always comes back from these trips a new man, so I am happy to hear that this is becoming an annual event for these guys. My mother-in-law, Monika  kindly took Olive for the afternoon Sunday. Then Sunday night she had us three girls over for supper, which I never shoot down a free meal! As we were eating supper, I got a call from Rob who informed me that he threw out his back. I instantly know he is going to be nursing this thing for a week because we have been here before. First time it happened Rob was showing me the Hotline Bling dance (which he may deny if you ask him but we were all there) and the second time was at my Uncle and Aunt's house picking up a toy off the floor while he was going to school. Both times he was in pain and stiff for a week. So he wasn't sure whether he was going to stay for the second day of skateboarding. Considering he only gets to see these guys once a year if he is lucky he decided to tough it out and try to enjoy what was left of the weekend.

Monday my good friend Lynette came over with her little one Oaklyn (who is Olive's age) and we had fun chatting, letting the girls play in the sprinkler and running around at the park. They stayed for supper and then shortly after they left Rob got home. I have seen him with this back injury before but it was never this bad. I suggested going to the hospital and making sure it is nothing serious. Fifteen minutes later he is still trying to peel himself from the couch and every time I go to give him a hand he winces in pain so my thoughts are there is no way he can drive like this. I text his Mom asking if her or Dan (Rob's Dad) can come give him a lift to the hospital (he did not approve of this call but I thought it was more then necessary). I had to stay home with the girls who were fast asleep. Not to mention I had a bunch of things to get done before I decide to retire for the night. 

I heard a car pull up to the front just as Rob was slipping on his shoes and Monika rushed in. I think it is cute and funny how they are so concerned for him. Can't say we would get the same reaction from my parents. Monika asked if I wanted to go with Rob to the hospital. Does it make me a terrible wife that I absolutely did not? Like sit there and wait for who knows how long for a doctor. Not to mention the kids aren't going to sleep in and the dishes aren't going to get done if I go. We aren't talking life threatening just a back problem. I will just ask him how it went when he gets home. Well I then realized Dan is talking to Rob outside. They both came?! According to Rob his Mom wanted to give him a choice in vehicles. As I watched the convoy rush Rob to the hospital I could not help but have a little laugh because I could just picture in my head how much he was enjoying himself right then!

Rob got home with a prescription and according to him not a shred of dignity left! He was like, "Seriously, what grown man needs both his parents with him to go to the hospital for a back injury!?" So he decided it was best if they were to wait in the waiting room. As the doctor is summing up everything with Rob (this is according to him) he quickly shot his parents a text saying he will be out in a minute, thinking that they would go to the car and just wait there for him. He told me if he did have a shred of dignity left at that point it was gone when the doctor pulled back the curtains only to find the two of them standing right there! I don't know why, but anything at Rob's expense is hilarious because it is so rare! I am sure after cursing my name a thousand times by that point he made it home. I always wonder if one day my kids are going to be just as embarrassed by me. When does that switch happen? We love Rob's parents and everything they do for us. Even though Rob was embarrassed I think deep down he will always appreciate them going the extra mile for him and his brother. And the rest of us can enjoy the moments like these at their expense. I attached some pictures that Rob took on his trip, enjoy!