Home is where we park it (Day Three)

Last Day at Adam Lake Campground and it was time to pack up and go home. I had been dreading this day since we unpacked. Why is it, that when you pack to go on vacation everything fits perfectly and then when you pack up to go home nothing fits? Luckily we had the trailer to just throw things in and deal with later when we got home. After feeding Maeve and throwing a mini box of cereal at Olive, I headed to the washrooms to brush my teeth and use the restroom. As soon as I step foot out of the camper i saw it... garbage everywhere! You got to be kidding... Being an "experienced camper" I should have known better. Something tore into our garbage and ripped it all over our site. Super mortified I started grabbing it all not even caring what leftover food from yesterday was getting all over my clothes, praying that no one else in the camp had seen this rookie move. I would also like to point out too, that it was in a bin, meaning a bigger animal had to have gotten into it, aka the racoon from the other night. I knew it! Well I can at least now say I won't be making that mistake again.

Rob and I took turns taking on the kids while the other kept going with the pack up. We both did not want to have a repeat of the doubled drive here, so we decided the best plan of attack to get home was to go right after lunch, when Maeve takes her big nap. We had the site pretty much packed up and then Olive had to poop. Now, Olive takes fooorrever to poop. She doesn't push, she just lets it fall at whatever speed. She takes just as long as her Dad. So I headed to the washroom with her knowing we were going to be there for awhile. To my surprise she took five minutes and claimed she was done. This was great. Only too good to be true because when we got back to the campsite she pooped her pants... Another I should have known better moment. I was just off my game that day.

Out of focus but they are just so darn cute!

We were finally all in the truck ready to go. Rob hooks on the trailer and we are off. We decided to hit up the grocery store and fill up the truck before grabbing a bite at Subway. I feel like this situation has happened to me more times then I can count, which is why I feel inclined to share. If you are coming out of the restroom and there is no more toilet paper maybe give the other person a heads up before you let them walk in there blind. So yes, I go in after someone came out and not a shred of toilet paper in sight. I have never been so relieved to see paper towel. So trying to avoid this mishap for another individual, I go to the subway employees and just give them a heads up, "Just to let you know, there is no more toilet paper in the ladies room." I got the thanks for letting us know. Only to notice, no one put anymore paper in there the whole entire time we were there. I really am sorry and I really did try to help whoever had the unfortunate luck of using that restroom next.

We were home at last! As much as I love vacationing there is nothing like getting home and relaxing on your couch, using your toilet with your toilet paper that you know is going to be there (as long as Rob remembers to fill it) and sleeping in your own bed. We had an awesome, bust-a-gut laughing time and can not wait to bring the 1975 Dutch Swinger out for another spin.